Aquatic Millfoil

Aquatic Weed Control specializes in the control and disposal of aquatic noxious weeds in the Pacific Northwest. These weeds interfere with swimming, boating and fishing. They may not be native to the region and harm the environment by choking out native water plants, fish and other marine life.

Our professional teams reclaim water properties affected by these destructive weeds, employing a variety of environmentally sensible methods.

We perform a cost effective, lasting, and practical solution to your aquatic weed problem while working being compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

To learn more about milfoil, check out the Wikipedia Milfoil page.


Homeowners have not had an effective means of fighting infestation of their waterfront by aquatic weeds (usually milfoil or lily pads). They have tried raking them or dragging chains over the weed bed to break off the weeds. Besides being difficult, these methods just worsen the problem because each fragment of milfoil is capable of rerooting as a new plant. The result is increased weed proliferation and the spread of the weed problem to adjoining properties.

Eventually the weeds win and life along the water loses much of it attraction. Few people enjoy swimming in weeds.  Jet ski intakes and boat propellers become fouled. Sport fishing declines as the milfoil chokes off the natural habitat.

Aquatic Weed Control offers cost effective solutions to homeowners:

· Our innovative AquaScreen installations are an effective mechanical control technique. They prevent the weeds from getting light, creating a totally weed free area around your dock.  Using our eight years of experience, Aquatic Weed Control has developed a proprietary AquaScreen system to make installation and maintenance of the barrier much more effective.
· Aquatic Weed Control also offers mechanical harvesting and bio-mass removal upon request. Similar to mowing your lawn, this method cuts noxious weeds to a depth of 7 feet allowing full enjoyment around your dock and shoreline.
· Lastly, at the request of many of our clients, Aquatic Weed Control now offers environmentally responsible herbicidal treatments for the control of various noxious aquatic weed infestations.

For more information, contact Aquatic Weed Control at (206) 772-6036 or email us at

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Aquatic Weed Control offers the level of service and cost-effectiveness needed to give peace of mind to a business owner or manager seeking to take charge of an aquatic weed problem.

Our services offer many benefits and advantages over other treatment alternatives.

With our mechanical control methods, commercial sites enjoy:

  • Customized Aquatic Weed Management Plan, designed specifically for your site
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Multi-year control
  • Full service and quick response — one phone call sets one of our teams in motion
  • Immediate benefits for your customers and clients
  • Scheduled automatic maintenance programs
  • Environmentally-friendly methods that can be cited in your marketing program
  • Year-round service

In addition to deterring the growth of milfoil, we offer floating biomass removal services with 48-hour response time.  If your location suffers from large racks of floating biomass and debris, we offer inexpensive removal and disposal.  This one-call service gives you a simple solution to a smelly and unsightly problem.

For additional information, contact us by email at or call us at (206) 772-6036.

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We would be happy to come stop by your property in the Seattle/Tacoma/Everett area to give you a proper quote on reclaiming your lake-front water so you can fully enjoy the summer!  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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The basic AquaScreen installation includes four panels and covers about 300 square feet.  The service includes a midseason maintenance check in July and minor repairs or maintenance requested throughout the season.  Service contracts are annual and include:

· Installation of the first 300 square feet: $500.00
· Additional AquaScreen over 300 square feet: $0.70 per square foot
· Example: a 1000 square foot installation would cost $990.00 for the 2010 season ($500.00 for the first 300 square feet, $490.00 for the next 700 square feet)

Any client has the option of cancelling the service after each season and before the ensuing season, at no additional cost.   Upon cancellation, AWC would remove all the AquaScreen and return your waterfront to its original condition.  However, the client has the option each year to sign up for an annual maintenance program.  This includes:

· Re-installation of the original AquaScreen by removing and placing the AquaScreen back in position or in any other area requested by the client.  Any damaged AquaScreen would be replaced or repaired
· A midseason maintenance check in July and also addressing any additional minor maintenance issues requested by the client throughout the season
· Re-installation of the first 300 square feet: $250.00
· Additional square footage over 300: $0.40 per square foot
· Example: a 1,000 square foot maintenance program would cost $530.00 for the season ($250.00 for the first 300 square feet and $280.00 for the next 700 square feet


Aquatic Weed Control accepts online payments via a Credit Card or a withdrawl directly from a bank account. Our system is fully secure and PCI compliant, the highest level of security for the Payment Card Industry.

Additional Services

Mechanical Harvesting and Bio-Mass removal

Hourly rate of $150 (one hour minimum) plus $10 per yard disposal fee

Herbicidal Treatments

Bid priced

Current Specials and Promotions

· Share the Love: Service credit of $50 for referring a customer to AWC

· Group Discounts: Neighbors who sign up as a group will get a 10% discount

· Early Season: Any new client that signs up before March 30, 2010 will get a 10% discount for the season